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The children at my gate | 2006 / 8 mins ← Back to the portfolio

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“No, I’m too busy,” said Sylvia when Wilma’s mother knocked on the door, begging Sylvia to teach her children English. Sylvia was lecturing in a theological college and there was no time to teach English to a group of immigrant children. After Wilma’s mother knocked on Sylvia’s door for the third time, Sylvia finally said, “Alright. I’ll try.” The class made up of Wilma and her brothers and sisters soon turned into over a hundred students gathering each week for literacy classes under Sylvia’s house. They’d had no previous access to schooling and many didn’t have even the basics. As the children and their families gather for a Christmas party in Sylvia’s house, Sylvia reflects on how her life has come full circle since she arrived as a young primary school teacher in South East Asia 40 years earlier.

The children at my gate | 2006 / 8 mins
The children at my gate | 2006 / 8 mins