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My Thai Bride (2011, 55 min)

Financed with the assistance of Screen Australia.

Ted, a 46-year old salesman from Wales, visits Thailand on business. After revelling in the carnal pleasures of Bangkok, he falls in love with Tip, a bar girl. They marry and start a new life in her poor, rural home. Ted soon finds he isn’t alone. In northeast Thailand marriage to foreign men has become an industry. Things soon sour for Ted. His money has disappeared much faster than he expected. No one seems to want him around the farm anymore.

When Ted asks Tip if she loves him, she replies: “I can’t eat or drink your love.” Ted returns home destitute, having learned what his Thai wife already knew: without money you lose everything.


Director / Producer – David Tucker
Writer / Editor – Ashleigh Hooker
Executive Producer – Michael Cordell
Composer – Darren Heskes

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